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What's The Difference Between A Curtain Box And A Curtain Rod?
Jun 06, 2018

The curtain occupies extremely important function in the family soft outfit, protect the illicit close sex of the bedroom not only, it is the adornment that is indispensable in the home at the same time. When curtain is installed, can use curtain case and curtain rod commonly, so which kind is good?

What is a curtain box?

Curtain box is the important facility that conceals curtain head, when carrying on condole top and wrapping window cover design commonly, it is about to undertake matching curtain box design, ability raises integral adornment result so.

According to top processing mode is different, curtain box has two kinds of forms. One kind is the room has condole top design, curtain box should be concealed in condole top inside, complete together with coping condole top. Another kind is the room does not have condole top design, curtain box should be fixed on the wall, become a whole with window cover. Curtain box structure is simple, so construction is easier.

What is a curtain rod?

Curtain rod, as the name implies, is the decorative rod for curtain. At present the window curtain rod material on the market basically has metal and woodiness two kinds, material is qualitative different, style is different, can bring the adornment effect of different bedroom.

And window curtain rod is divided into two types: light rod and dark rod. Say a dark rod first, it is to put in curtain case, because everybody is invisible on the exterior pole, but this kind of decorate a way already more and more anachronism, be being liked by people and The Times be eliminated. Look again bright pole, we can see the design of pole son apparently, color, because bright pole accords with the popular trend of our modern society, be loved by everybody wide and praise highly.

Which is better, the curtain box or the curtain rod?

Through the above introduction to curtain box of window and curtain rails, everyone should know the dark curtain rod rod type is installed inside a curtain box of window, and a rod to be being washed out gradually, in other words, that is, curtain box of window phased out, the curtain rising stem instead. If must compare curtain case and curtain rod, see which kind after all good? The comparison can be made from the following two aspects.

1. From the perspective of decoration: according to the trend of "light decoration, heavy decoration", curtain rod is more popular. Because the rod head that window curtain rod is exposed decorates a gender particularly strong, and style design is diversiform, practical life is long. The installation is relatively simple, and the disassembly and washing maintenance is also related. And curtain box although whole adornment sex is very good, but installation is complex, take apart wash to maintain inconvenient, compare with curtain rod, everybody is more willing to choose curtain rod.

2, look from use a gender: this a bit curtain box has great advantage, the curtain box is pulled rise is more slippery, and pull when very quiet, hardly what sound. Curtain rod, by contrast, pull up is not being pulled from time to tome noise, and the leakage of curtain rod easily stained with dust, should not be clean, so the drive will be more difficult to learn more about an outfit male east Yi Hongrun.

Anyhow, curtain box and curtain rod have each good, but according to the popular factor of current market, curtain box has been replaced by curtain rod gradually. But here still want to give everybody a bit of small proposal, like contemporary contracted, fashionable can choose orbit curtain box, like Europe type style, industrial style can choose exterior reveal window curtain rod Bridget, dyhrzs.