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What Kinds Of Curtain Rod Installation Techniques Are Available
May 28, 2018

Curtain is the thing that new residence decorates necessary, when everybody chooses curtain, want to notice the quality of the curtain material not only, and the quality that pays attention to its fittings even, go up in the choice of window curtain rod especially. In order to meet people's needs, a variety of curtain rods of different materials have been introduced in the market. So what kind of curtain rods are there? Today small make up will introduce with everybody common curtain rod kind and installation skill, make a reference to the friend that needs!

Nowadays there are many different kinds of curtain rod on the market, most often see is the aluminum curtain rod, when choosing the curtain rod of such material, should check the wall thickness, mainly in general, the thick wall, its quality is better. The good pipe wall is relatively thick between 1.5mm and 2MM. Secondly, the design of the pull ring, the poor window rod USES the recycled plastic pull ring, the manufacturing process is rough.

Real wood rod is also one of the common curtain rod at present, it is color rich, give owner more choice space. We can use real wood curtain rod into clear color and cover color two kinds, basically depends on the processing of surface, whether smooth, the paint is uniform, decoration head shape and symmetry, solid wood decorative rail with sound and without the silencing of the two. If there is more opening and closing, it is recommended to choose one with a silencer bar.

Besides above two kinds, the curtain rod that often sees still has iron art, but the curtain rod of this kind of material now is rare. The surface treatment methods of iron curtain rod include spraying, electroplating, we mainly check the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of steel plate of installation frame, and the thickness of pipe wall.

Detailed installation skill of curtain rod

Generally speaking, the window curtain rod is sold by the businessman to be responsible for installation later, but everybody also can understand the relevant installation skill first, such ability can achieve the target. Specific installation techniques are as follows:

1. When you install the curtain rod, you must use the lengthened screw. You must use it! And with the long ones, let the expansion bolts penetrate the walls. If the expansion bolt is too short, it will not have a fixed effect and can be pulled out by hand!

2. We must choose the curtain rod base with screws on the top and bottom. Some bases only have holes in the top and no holes in the bottom, so a base can only use one screw. Although the underground screw is not difficult, but it is necessary to prevent the base from rotating!

3. Everyone should plan the position of the base when installing, and the distance between the two sides of the wall is appropriate. Too far away, certainly not beautiful; But not too close.

4. Everyone should reasonably arrange the height of the curtain rod. Generally speaking, want to leave top 15 centimeters, everybody can consult below!

5, if the wall wants all the curtains, the curtain rods must be as long as the walls. But if you can only do it from the window, businesses say the curtain rods are 30 centimeters longer than each side of the window.