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What Is Fixed On The Wall With The Curtain Hooked Hook
May 14, 2018

Screw the screw on the hole with an electric hammer

1. preparation

2. lines

Take the mounting bracket as the standard marking, draw out the support location line and the hole location line. The middle supports of the 3 supports are located at the center of the windows or walls.

The distance between the two ends is equal. The supports at both ends leave the wall about 15 - 20cm or leave the 5-10cm end of the Rome bar.

3. punching

Drilling depth 3.5 - 5cm perforation can not run eyes, skew, attention: away from wires, water pipes. The plastic expansion pipe is pressed into the hole after the hole is punched.

4. mounting rod

The support is fastened by tapping; the ring is divided into two rings and 1 rings are left at both ends; the Rome rod is pressed into the opening support to adjust the distance from the wall to the ends of the decorative ends.

5. hanging curtains

The curtain is hung on the hook, and the other end of the hook is hung into the hole of the lifting ring. The curtain is opened around the left side to check whether the sliding is flexible and whether the two curtains are high. Otherwise, fine tune.