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What Is Curtain Rod
Jun 15, 2018

Curtain rod is mounted on the interior, window, have the effect of support, hang hang curtain, traction, generally includes brackets (support), straight rod, plug (decoration), fastening etc. Sometimes for the two ends of the support, there is no plug (decorative head), there will be a fastening head to support the support seat and the straight bar. Window curtain rod whole also can regard as a set of hardware.

Curtain rod, mainly made of metal and wood. Material is qualitative different, the style is different, wrought iron curtain rod rod head of art, tie-in decoration cloth, silk or cotton quality used in the bedroom, has a soft contrast between the strong contrast is beautiful: the wooden carve rod head, give a person with a warm sense of fullness. Use range and tie-in style not too restricted, apply to the bedroom of all sorts of function.