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What Are The Materials And Characteristics Of The Curtain Rod?
Jun 01, 2018

Window curtain rod serves as the part that the curtain decorates, the material of the material on market and design also are Lin Lin Lin zong, likelihood, to have the friend that chooses a syndrome, afraid again a bit of trouble? ! Need not be afraid, below we go to see the material of curtain rod and the curtain rod of different material have what respective characteristic?

The material of curtain rod and one of the characteristics of curtain rod: solid wood. Solid wood curtain rod there are various styles and colors, but no matter what colour and design, the sense that gives a person is stable and durable, generally solid wood material curtain rod or domestic outfit style restoring ancient ways suits style of tie-in Chinese style, can give a person a sense of natural guileless, solemn atmosphere. The characteristic of solid wood curtain rod is that it is strong and durable, not easy to crack and deform, but the price is more expensive than other materials.

The material of curtain rod and the characteristic of curtain rod two: aluminium alloy. The appearance of aluminium alloy, tonal a variety of, suit the home of all sorts of styles. Among the curtain rods made of various materials, aluminum alloy curtain rods are the most economical and practical one, and also the best one in the current market. The characteristic of the window curtain rod of aluminium alloy material is, more portable, still have the advantage of plasticity strong and anticorrosive strong at the same time, on the price also more close people.

The material of curtain rod and the characteristic of curtain rod 3: iron art. Generally speaking, iron art has romantic temperament, often by the operation of rural style home decoration and European style home decoration. The characteristics of the iron curtain rod, diverse styles, good ductility, on design, material of iron curtain rod more diverse than the aluminium alloy curtain rod, because iron itself has good ductility, wrought iron curtain rod cost a little more than aluminum alloy;

Material of curtain rod and characteristic of curtain rod 4: steel. Steel curtain rod can be used in european-style furniture, if very heavy curtain can be considered steel curtain rod. Steel curtain rod is characteristic of good bearing capacity, deformation, but the ductility of steel is not so good iron, much with steel curtain rod less on design selection, and the price is too expensive, by contrast, it is not so popular

Material of curtain rod and characteristic of curtain rod 5: plastic. Generally speaking, plastic curtain rod suits contracted wind, contemporary wind and the domestic outfit style of rural wind. The characteristic of plastic qualitative curtain rod is, portable, but do not bear corrosion, bearing weight is inferior to other material, but colour is rich, and have apparent price advantage, also have certain market.

What has been discussed above, it is about the curtain rod material and simple introduced the characteristics of each of the curtain rod of different material, the different material of the choice of the curtain rod, or according to oneself be fond of, and the integral style of the decoration to decide, no matter what, as long as you love is the best.