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What Advantage Does Curtain Rod And Curtain Rail Have Respectively?
Jun 02, 2018

Window curtain rod is circular seal pole, it is to use annulus or buckle commonly, apply to did not do the window of condole top curtain box, have certain adornment effect, show outside more good-looking, but pull not smooth. Since only one bracket can be placed in the middle, considering the load bearing problem, the total length should not exceed 3.5 meters.

Curtain track belongs to dark rod commonly, cannot see orbit namely, pull rise more smoothly, better pull than pole. The curtain track shows not good-looking, need to do condole to put aside curtain box accordingly, to length have no limitation.

Curtain rod materials are mainly metal and wood.

1, solid wood is made of pure natural wood, which naturally strong affinity, household decorates a style to rural advisable, a solid wood curtain rod, tie-in monochrome or simple line of curtain cloth, very harmonious (southern humid air, real wood curtain rod is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as out of shape, craze, the north is not suitable for);

2, aluminum alloy curtain rod, material is qualitative light, plasticity and good corrosion resistance, affordable, fashionable and easy, it has metallic simple sense to ensure that the match with a variety of curtain fabrics, is at present a lot of families choose (can greatly bending, solve the problem with an window).

3. Iron art rod, with good ductility and artistic expression, has diversified shapes. This kind of curtain rod avoids violent pull and pull, and it is easy to get rid of window curtain rod paint.

Curtain rod of choose and buy note: overall, the most durable stainless steel material, suggest that more when choosing ask the clerk, or they will be decorated head down, observe the curtain rod internal structure, generally speaking, the wall thickness is thicker, the better, can prevent the deformation.

Domestic curtain track is a kind of hanging curtain, convenient curtain opening and closing, increase the curtain beautiful accessories; Curtain track phyletic and various, generally divided into light rail and dark rail, rail has a wooden pole, steel bar and so on, the dark tracks of aluminum alloy, mute orbits, etc., in recent years, the rise of serpentine curtain track, popular in Europe, Taiwan and other regions.

1. Track with box curtain

Curtain box are installed in the household soft outfit, common types of choose and buy, price moderate curtain rail can, because there is curtain box cover, does not affect the appearance, and high fastness, resistance to use and easy to pull. If choose the curtain of material compare heavy (such as: cotton and linen curtain curtain), double process, need to choose better rail bearing capacity, such as: big window curtain curtain of Europe type, can be combined with both male and female buckle or curtain rail during production;

2. No box curtain track

No curtain box, the bare curtain track, suggest roma pole or wrought iron pole of choose and buy, appearance beautiful, material is wooden and metal more, price is generally higher than ordinary curtain track, smooth degree is not very good, if the thick curtain in the home, suggest don't choose and buy, easy to cause the curtain rod bending; European style family soft outfit is very suit, be helpful to highlight integral collocation, the curtain is not very massiness can choose.

Household curtain track considerations of choose and buy: whether containing box or no box, practical and beautiful sex when the choose and buy both need to be taken into consideration, the material of the curtain wants to be coordinated with the style and the overall effect, and consider the curtain rail load-bearing ability.