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Understand The Secret Of A Slitting Machine, These Details Must Not Be Missed!
May 23, 2018

The cutting machine tool USES five important considerations.

There are two kinds of cutting tools: 300mm and 260mm. No matter which tool or matching equipment is used, the following points should be noted:

1. Fixed knife block:

After the tool is fixed, the blade can not shift or move up and down.

2. Sharpening device:

Manual or custom setting automatic sharpener, which requires the grinding wheel to match the material of the cutter, can be used effectively. When the grinding wheel is installed, adjust the air pressure to 2.5 atmospheres, handle the grinding wheel lightly with the hand grinding wheel, and the two sides should be consistent. As the wear of the knife edge gradually increases the air pressure, if the air pressure is too large, the tool may crack. The fully automatic prepress zero pressure type thin knife longitudinal cutting press machine of Qingdao development nc equipment co., LTD. Adopts the alloy steel thin knife longitudinal cut, automatic grinding knife, automatic lubrication; Independent servo control of longitudinal cutting knife and pressure line wheel, the order is fast, accurate and reliable. Longitudinal cut, pressure line speed frequency conversion control, follow the speed of the cardboard to adjust.

3. Tool cooling device (not all manufacturers' thin knife slitting machine has this device) :

Because of the corrugated board to slitting machine is still a certain temperature, combined with the knife edge and the cardboard of friction heat, when the temperature rises to a certain degree, degree of sharp edge is affected, cause incision of the corrugated cardboard is not beautiful. Many operators tend to think that this phenomenon is due to the sharp edge of the knife, which has been sharpening, resulting in the blade not reaching its design service life. Equipped with cooling device can effectively improve the appearance of the incision.

4. Base cutting board:

The cutter must be embedded in the middle of the base cutting board to cut the cardboard. Due to the trimming function of the thin knife, the trimming of the paperboard can be easily blocked in the gap of the base, resulting in the cutting edge of the paperboard and the cutting of the tool when serious. Under normal circumstances, the edge of the knife edge is embedded in the base cutting plate no more than 10mm.

5. Knife edge adhesive:

Glue stick to the wall of the knife will increase the thickness of the knife, the cardboard is irregular friction caused by the incision, the knife, the tool damage and so on. The following points can be noted for the prevention of adhesive glue:

In order to ensure that the cardboard can be completely bonded, reduce the amount of glue on the double-sided machine.

Check whether the glue is applied to the corrugated peak.

Whether the floating pressure roller (pressure plate) is corrugated; Check whether the area is too large and the glue line is too large.

If the temperature reaches the production process requirements, the running speed of the cardboard should be reduced properly so that the glue can be completely cured.

The form of a paper knife.

The form of slitting machine is divided into upper pressure and lower pressure type. The upper pressure type is the contact surface paper after contact with the bottom paper, and the lower pressure type is the opposite. The lower pressure type has the biggest advantage, namely not easy to hook the surface paper, makes the cardboard surface more beautiful.

The similarity between the two types of paper knives is that they are all pneumatic transmission; The difference is shown in the stroke of the knife and the contact point with the cardboard.

The cutter driving device of slitting machine is composed of cutter seat, movable frame, cylinder, short shaft, sliding block, motor, connector, cutter, etc. Its structure characteristic is: the motor frame connected with activities, motor upper one cylinder, with knife seat pin by pin, lower part of motor is equipped with a short axis and the slider, and activities of frame, using screw cylinder, short shaft and the sliding block connected to the output shaft of the motor with a connector connected with the knife dish, knife by fixed on the outside of the knife dish plate bolt connection, form each group of slitting knife part driven by a separate motor work. Tile line manufacturers as a world class, American marquip slitting and creasing machine for each cutting and creasing the head of the cutting tools has independent servo motor control, high reliability, has a more stable positioning accuracy control, so as to improve the precision of the cutting board, make sure that the cardboard cutting and smaller error control.

In the form of slitting machine, separate servo drive blade and single drive blade are two kinds. Single servo drive blade speed is fast, single drive blade precision is high. In terms of speed, a separate servo drive blade can be used as fast as 0.4 seconds, but the control is complicated and the maintenance is troublesome. Ned packing equipment co., LTD. And Shanghai did very good comprehensive processing, the company launched the new concept of the whole servo with preloading thin knife slitting and creasing machine knife time to 1 second, can adapt to the speed of 300 m/min. At the same time, it can effectively solve the explosion-proof wire function of some areas, parts of the season and some paper, which is known as the explosion-proof wire.

In the same way, another equipment manufacturer, Taiwan yongjin computer co., LTD., fully automatic longitudinal cutting press, is driven by the independent servo motor to ensure the quick and accurate order. The equipment adopts the shortest cut time algorithm, which can automatically find the most suitable knife, line wheel and instantaneous list according to the order.

By contrast, a single-drive blade is used in normal circumstances, with a speed of about 18 seconds, depending on the number of blades. For the analysis of the related factors in the form of slitting machine, please refer to the table below.

Analysis of related factors in the form of slitting machine.



The separate servo drive blade is compared with the single drive blade.

1. The speed of single servo drive blade is fast.

2. High precision of single drive blade.

Arrange the knife speed

1. Can reach 0.4 seconds as soon as possible, using separate servo. But the control is complex, the maintenance is troublesome.

2. In normal circumstances, the single-drive blade is used for about 18 seconds, mainly depending on the number of knife lines.

Quick change of knife and knife lubrication.

Generally use compressed air knife, pump type lubrication.

Cutter and knife cushion

1. Brush type does not need to move down the knife, the structure is simple.

2. The pad type blade can be trimmed.

3. Rotating wheel form with minimum trimming; The disadvantage is that the knife block cannot be separated, only have clearance to exchange.