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The Full Shade Curtain Should Be Matched With The Curtain Box
Jun 29, 2018

A lot of families choose to install projection now, curtain cloth, the requirement of the shading sex of the curtain is taller accordingly. The reporter visits a market to discover, the price of total shade curtain is in numerous curtain alone show.

Full shade curtain, it is every square gram weight at least in 280gsm (square metre gram weight) above, shading degree can reach 99.99% of curtain. This kind of curtain is special, density is high, won't have beam of light to penetrate in. Accordingly, when shading, the heat preservation of this kind of curtain, adiabatic performance is very outstanding also. "It's cool to be back in the bedroom in the summer with curtains drawn all day." The salesman said, "the product that can achieve full shade curtain, there are two layers of fabric up and down, there is a layer of black silk in the middle, this kind of environmental protection performance is better. Still have a kind of on the curtain besmear brushs shading paint, if coating thick, the taste will be heavier. So the customer that chooses knitting shade curtain is a few more."