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The Difference Between The Curtain Rod And The Dark Bar
Oct 10, 2017

The bright pole collocation of the curtains has been widely used, it is to expose the whole curtain rod to the outside side, can let a person see it all, such as the color of the pole, shape, etc., because the Ming pole in line with the modern society of "light decoration, heavy decoration", its decoration is very simple, pay attention to decorative effect, so is being welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

The dark pole of the curtain rod is exactly opposite to the Ming Pole, it is to support the curtain of the lever hidden in the curtain box, generally can not see the curtain rod, such as the curtain rod decoration is not easy to install, the curtain rods will be completely shielded from the beautiful, so the way the dark pole decoration has been more and more people accept.