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The Benefits Of Curtain Boxes
Jun 29, 2018

"the curtain is not shading light, besides and curtain material is qualitative concerned, still concern with the curtain suspension way. If it is Roman pole drapes, even if bought shade drapes, the top is still transparent; Want to block light effect so good, had better be in condole top when making groove with woodworking board, also be curtain case. The curtain box had better leave ahead of time two layer Roman pole or the thickness of orbit, can install two layer curtain so, raise shading performance thereby. It's important to note that if you don't have a ceiling, you can make an enclosure around the wall with a gypsum line. You can install Roman poles or rails in the enclosure.

Interior designer li liang said, "full shade curtains have a good experience, but most are dark. If the owner likes the light-colored curtain, he can hardly find the full shade curtain with satisfactory effect.