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Strong And Durable Special Steel Bar
Aug 24, 2018

Strong and durable special steel bar

The steel and wood curtain rod didn't come out very long, but with its strong and durable features, it quickly became popular among consumers. A steel curtain rod is a piece of wood tightly packed in a steel tube (hollow, of course). The surface of the rod is a layer of wood grain glue, which has a strong wood imitation effect and looks like real wood.

Because be steel tube and the union of wood, so the bearing force of this kind of curtain rod is bigger, although hang more thick curtain also won't bend deformation.

In addition, there are PVC material of window curtain rod. In price, the price of wood is about 25 to 35 yuan per meter, while the price of aluminum is more expensive.

The curtain rod of each kind of material has his characteristic, should say curtain rod what material is qualitative good, this still decorate with oneself limits and tie-in style and decide. If you like the pastoral style, you can choose natural solid wood pole; If want to match the curtain of sandy quality, iron art lever will be a good choice!