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Aug 03, 2018

Outstanding performance of PPS are: (1) good heat resistance, can be used in 180 ~ 220 ℃ temperature range. Substance close to polytetrafluoroethylene; And also, it has excellent electrical performance; Superior mechanical performance; Bleach has good flame retardant performance.

The defects of PPS are: high price, low price in high temperature resistant plastics, but much higher than general engineering plastics; Potassium is weak in toughness and brittleness. The viscosity is not stable in the press process. Pure PPS are rarely used alone due to their brittleness. The applied PPS are the performance variety. There are: 40% glass fiber reinforced PPS(R4), inorganic filled PPS(R8), carbon fiber reinforced PPS(G6), etc. PPS is used for cars accounting for 45%, for electronics, electrical appliances accounting for 30%, other accounts for 25%. PPS is developing rapidly and is expected to be the sixth largest engineering plastic.

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