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Patchwork Curtain
Sep 05, 2018

The 100 anak curtain is with the cloth of certain geometry figure repeatedly stitching and become, it can use the cloth of the surplus in the home to come tailor, it is the good method that becomes waste to decorate a curtain for profit. The crazy curtains are made of square fabric.

Method of making: sew hundred anak curtain, should notice the thick and thin difference of cloth cannot too big when choosing cloth above all, thin cloth should be combined with thin cloth to join together, thick cloth should be combined with thick cloth to join together. Next is when clipping, every piece of cloth should maintain dimension consistent with modelling neat, square unit should make 4 corners keep right Angle as far as possible, otherwise joining together sew up can affect the beauty of the curtain. The harmony of color is very important when sewing, it is best to draw a design drawing first, so as to guarantee the overall harmony of the curtain pleasing to the eye. Different colors can also be used to sew various patterns, such as the use of patterns and plain fabric combination, should pay attention to the pattern of the fabric in a balanced arrangement. The unit of hundred anak curtain still can use the geometrical figure such as triangulation, pentagonal, hexagon, sew compose gives the curtain of various shapes and forms.