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Method Of Installing Curtain Rod
Jun 02, 2018

Speaking of curtain rod, some easy to ignore it, when I was in decorating a thought we usually isn't always notice it, it in our heart as long as the frame in the above, but the installation of the curtain rod is not so simple, is not only simple hang a curtain, the curtain rod installation method in the diagram, we can see the curtain rod installation method, then today, we come to a simple introduction of curtain rod installation process and matters needing attention.

1. Preparation tools for curtain rod installation.

In curtain rod installation method of diagram, we can know to install the curtain rod must use some of the tools, so at the time of haven't install the curtain rod, we will get them all ready, to avoid the installation process has the need to find the phenomenon of less than, have to stop the installation. So we need to have all the parts of the curtain rod and the curtain rod, and then the screwdriver and so on.

Ii. Installation process of curtain rod.

1, first of all to find we have to pull the location of the curtain, of the painting on the wall on the top of the bed and a good mark, mark is clear, we want to know, don't pull the curtain in the daytime, when the curtain had better be on either side of the window, not blocking the Windows, so we choose the curtain rod is longer than the length of the window have some. And if the window sill, so when the curtain can't hang on the window sill, so curtain rod is installed on the window sill the vertical height of outside, so you can install the best effect.

2, according to the design drawings before and just draw a good location for punching, the size of the hole is also has the corresponding provisions, if the thing such as a wire inside the wall, it is necessary to avoid, otherwise there will be a security risk.

3, upon completion of the above two steps, we will check it again whether all the parts before and after the opening match, found the problem handled in time, if installed between, when use a failure is difficult to handle, so be careful during inspection. If there is any problem with drilling, it should be changed or re-punched.

4, the curtain rod installed base, and then hang to the ring of the curtain on a curtain rod, want to leave a on both sides, and then put the curtain rod installed, attention to the length of the symmetric around, and than the window.

5. Hang the curtains one by one according to the hooks and then pull them open to see if there is any carton phenomenon. If there is no problem, our project will be finished.