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Material Collocation Of Curtain Rod
Jul 27, 2018

Curtain rod, general material to metal and wood - based. Material is different, the effect that tie-in silky or gauze qualitative adornment shows is different also, all sorts of rooms collocation is different material lever decorates in different style can show the numerous and beautiful with different curtain. Material is different, the artistic window curtain rod that the style has different iron art pole head, tie-in silky or gauze qualitative adornment cloth, use in the bedroom, have firm and soft contrast strong contrast contrast contrast contrast contrast contrast contrast contrast is comparative beauty. Curtain rod is the necessity that tie-in curtain, its material is different, the style that adornment comes out and effect also can have very big difference. Economic and practical aluminum alloy curtain rod aluminum alloy material is light, plasticity and anti - corrosion are better, aluminum alloy curtain rod economic and practical, fashion is generous, it is the choice of many people at present. Tie yi window curtain rod is tie-in silky or gauze qualitative curtain, use a bedroom, the effect can be very good. Natural style solid wood curtain rod solid wood curtain rod, made from original wood, natural affinity, and rural decoration style most suitable