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Living Room Curtain
Jun 27, 2018

The sitting room serves as the activity center of the home, receive a person to entertain a guest at ordinary times the space, its curtain choice appears all the more important.

1. The curtain with full shading is suitable for a quiet family.

2. The single color is too monotonous and can be matched with double color curtains.

3, the curtain of fluctuation different color is tie-in, the effect also is good;

4, the curtain of simple simple and elegant, tie-in extremely simple space, the effect is very proper also;

5, the space that compares bright-coloured vigor, the curtain of similar style on collocation, also have vigor very much;

6. The pale blue curtain is full of the sense of tranquility;

7. The half-through curtain of the creative tree branch background is also quite good;

8. Pure color + simple and elegant decorative pattern combination of the curtain, very zen and delicate feeling;

9, the gauze shade that half permeates, suit to compare the sitting room collocation of younger, can build a more agreeable feeling;

10. Double layer curtain with semi-permeable + shading curtain is more practical and applicable to scenes.