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Joining Together The Curtain
Aug 31, 2018

Joining together a curtain, can connect compose becomes concise, anacreontic large colour composition, can cooperate indoor space configuration, use adjust look feeling, form the setting of rich adornment glamour of interior furniture display.

How to make it: choose two colors of fabric, and make vertical or horizontal splicing according to the designed size. Stitching curtains can be made up of three sets of vertical stitching floor curtains. The rhythm that stitching curtain makes use of cloth of different color and different width changes, form a variety of artistic effect. For example the depth difference of two kinds of joining together cloth color is big, the cold and warm contrast of hue is strong, form marked, bright, lively effect easily. Two kinds of splice fabric color depth close, warm and cold trend consistent, easy to cause the soft and beautiful effect. When sewing, you can choose and decide the horizontal or vertical stitching according to the needs of the bedroom's overall tone. Do not use printing cloth or plaid cloth to sew in general, so as not to make people confused and confused.