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Is It Better To Use A Dark Or Open Curtain Rail?
Jun 06, 2018

So-called bright rail, say to install window curtain rod frankly, according to the difference of material can be divided into iron art, aluminium alloy and real wood. You can choose according to your own decoration style, decoration is very good, very popular with young people. Among them, aluminium alloy curtain rod is used more, its service life is longer. Special remind everybody here: window curtain rod is installed on the wall, the requirement to install bracket is higher than bright rail, need special attention when choosing so. Some businesses are not clear on this detail intentionally, very easy to be trapped, everyone must pay attention!

Finish the bright track, then the dark track. Dark tracks are becoming more and more popular, and my family chose this one. Now it turns out that the dark rail looks really bad. The material of dark rail has aluminium alloy and plastic stool, if want to choose aluminium alloy material, dear friends should notice the wall thickness of track. Generally speaking, the wall thickness is generally more than 1 mm is good. Because if the wall thickness is too thin, it is easy to deform after long use, which has a great impact on the sliding of the track. There are two kinds of surface treatment of dark rail, spraying and electrophoresis. The word of plastic dark rail, compare not classics, easy ageing, so suggest everybody had better not choose.

So, decorate the curtain after all with bright rail or dark rail is appropriate?

Bright rail word, the advantage is adornment sex is stronger, construction is simpler also, do not need to install curtain box, service life is good also. The disadvantage is that the smoothness of sliding is much worse than that of dark rails. In addition, if the curtain is relatively heavy, the curtain rod is easy to be deformed. The advantage of dark rail is sliding more smoothly, can do arc, more suit corner window. In addition, the bearing capacity is stronger. The disadvantage is to make the curtain box in advance, and bare outside, more ugly.