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How To Make Wooden Curtain Rods
Aug 27, 2018

Want to prepare thick fine wood pole above all, the surface had better polish smooth, facilitate close pull curtain. If you don't want to carve, you can buy finished products. Go to the jewelry store and buy a pair of metal shafts with screws. Drill small holes at both ends of the prepared wood pole with a hand drill. Do not drill too thick or too deep.

Screw two purchased shaft screws into the round holes at both ends of the wood poles. A small hammer can be used to nail the nut to both ends of the wood bar, so that the inverted buckle of the edge of the nut is tightly connected to the middle of the wood. Screw the shaft head into the nuts fixed at both ends of the stick and tighten, so that the shaft head can be firmly fixed to the wood rod.

Install the curtain ring on the wooden pole. If you do not use the curtain ring, you can hang the curtain cloth directly on the wooden pole.

Place the curtain rod on the stand and the wooden curtain rod succeeds.