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How To Install The Curtain Rod For The Curtain Rod
May 21, 2018

Under normal circumstances, when buying curtains will be purchased with the curtains, the merchants will also be responsible for installing and after sale, but you can also understand how the curtain rod is installed.

1. installation curtain rod needs to use long screw, the best is that kind of special length, can let expansion bolt deep into the exterior wall, play a complete fixed role, fruit expansion bolt too short, can not get the fixed effect, can be pulled down by hand.

2. choose the base of the curtain pole with screws on top and bottom so that the curtain rod can be fixed.

3. when installing, the position of the base should be measured in advance. The distance between the base and the wall is suitable. If it is too far away or too close, it will not look beautiful.

4. reasonably measure the height of the curtain pole. Normally, it can be 15 centimeters away from the ceiling. If the walls need all the curtains, the curtain rods will need to be as long as the walls.

1. aluminum curtain rod

The most common use of curtain rods is the aluminum curtain rod. When you choose this type of curtain rod, we should focus on the thick wall of the curtain. In general, the thicker the inner wall, the better the quality. Good tube wall is relatively thick in 1.5MM-2MM, followed by the design of the pull ring, and the poor window bar adopts recycled plastic pull ring, and the manufacturing process is rough.

2. solid wood curtain rod

Solid wood poles are also one of the most common curtain poles. They are rich in color and can give users more choices. The selection of solid wood sticks basically depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth, the paint is uniform, the shape of the decorative head is well proportioned, and the solid wood decorating rail has two kinds of silencing strips and no silencing strips. If there is more opening and closing, it is recommended to choose a silencer.

3. iron curtain rod

We often see the iron curtain rod, the iron curtain rod surface treatment methods are spraying and electroplating, users in the selection and purchase of the main quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the mounting frame, and the thickness of the tube wall.