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How To Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Steel Window Rails?
Oct 10, 2017

1. Light. When the window opens, the weight of the sound determines the pros and cons of the window rail. High-quality steel window rails pull only about 43 decibels, equivalent to a split-style air-conditioning operation sound. and poor quality products open the sound of large and short life.

2. Sliding. The smoothness of the window rail pull, the strength of the slide and the load of gravity are very important to purchase the reference index. High-quality steel window rail pulley can withstand 48 kilograms of the tension, in the case of 5 kilograms of the load, the pull of tens of thousands of times still smooth.

3. Flat. Beautiful appearance, smooth surface, the specification error is less than 0.15mm, in the heating to 150 ℃ condition without bubbles and traces, no aging change occurs, the inner and outer wall is still smooth and flat.

4. Safety. By the relevant authority of the detection, only the product to withstand the impact degree, tensile strength, oxygen index, break elongation rate, heat resistance to meet the standard, only to calculate high-quality steel window rail.