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Detailed Explanation Of The Difference Between The Curtain Fittings And The Punching Type
Jun 08, 2018

punching type

The difference between the making of a hook type and a perforated curtain

A hook curtain is made by sewing a cloth belt with holes on the top of the curtain, and then hangs the S hook through the cloth belt and hangs on the curtain rod or slide rail.

Perforated curtains are round holes with a diameter of about 8-10cm at the top of the curtain. Then a metal ring is set in the round hole to hang the circle through the curtain rod.

The difference between the easy cleanness of the hook type and the perforated curtain

The hook curtain can remove the S hook at any time, and then wash the whole curtain into the washing machine or manual hand washing.

The ring of the perforated curtain is very difficult to disassemble. Generally it can only be washed by hand or the shop assistant for cleaning.

The difference between the hook type and the draped curtain applied to the curtain pole

The hook type curtain has a wide range of application, it can hang art rod, curtain slide rail, Rome bar and other environment, as long as the hook can be hung, hook type curtains can be applied.

The use of perforated curtains is generally limited to Rome poles.

The difference in the beauty of the hook type and the perforated curtain

There are many kinds of hook type curtains. There are many kinds of "Han style hook method", "cylindrical hook method", "traditional hook method", and many shapes.

The appearance of the punched curtain is not much, it is a simple way to wear the bar, but this appearance is the most concise and elegant, it is the most popular way of hanging the new home.