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Curtains Match
Jun 11, 2018

Article 1: There must be no more than three kinds of space colors, of which white and black are not counted as colors. The second: gold, silver can be matched with any color. Gold does not include yellow, silver does not include gray.
Article 3: The best color grayscale for home color matching is: shallow walls, ground floor, and private depth.
Rule 4: do not use warm colors in the kitchen, except yellow color.
Article 5: Do not kill dark green floor tiles.
Number 6: even if no one is threatening to kill you, you must not put materials of different materials but the same color system together. Otherwise, you 'll have half the chance of making a mistake!
Article 7: If you want to create bright and modern home tastes, then you should not use things with large flowers(except plants) and try to use plain designs.

Article 8: The color of the ceiling must be light or the same color as the wall. When the color of the wall is dark, the ceiling must be light. The color of the ceiling can only be white or the same color as the wall.
Article 9: The same color scheme must be used for the non-enclosed space. Different closed spaces can use different color schemes.