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Classification Of Curtain Rods.
Apr 03, 2018

   Necessary in life, we hang the curtain curtain rod, it support, and the effect of traction, selection of curtain rod is selected according to indoor style, select the best curtain rod can be a whole space the most beautiful ornaments, so you have enough knowledge of curtain rod?

Curtain rods are generally divided into two categories: the Ming and the dark.

1, rising stem: now life, rising stem collocation has been widely used, it is the whole curtain rod Lou in the outside, can let a person see it all, such as shape, color, pattern, etc. Due to rising stem it conform to the present "light, heavy adornment", its decoration is very simple, attaches great importance to the decorative effect, it can also become a kind of beautiful scenery in front of the window, so is now being the broad consumer favorite.

2, non-rising stem: non-rising stem and stem just the opposite, it is the support of the curtain rod hidden inside the curtain, such bad rod installation, also not easy to clean, so now don't be chosen by people more and more.