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Bedroom Curtain
Jun 27, 2018

The bedroom is the space that rest, give priority to with all shading curtain commonly, pass the curtain that blocks a light, can make the bedroom darker, more comfortable morpheus rests;

1. Lattice curtains are suitable for children's rooms and other Spaces.

2. The curtain with good dark shading effect is also suitable;

3. Floating window, the curtain can be installed on the floating window, the overall space sense is relatively simple;

4, blue shading effect is good, do not appear depressive again, it is the curtain collocation color that suits a bedroom more;

5, weak blue is compared appear young contemporary, the combination with double layer curtain is more beautiful;

6. The double layer curtain effect of warm tone is quite good;

7. Pink tone is more romantic and lovely, suitable for girls' bedrooms;

8. Purple is also suitable for sexy girls.