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Applique Curtain
Aug 29, 2018

The curtain that decorates with complementary flower gets gorgeous colour easily and abound the composition that rhythm feels.

Make a method: will choose good plain coloured curtain towel, press the specification that need to sew the curtain first, use again different color without decorative pattern cloth, the design that designs according to place is cut. The edges of the pattern should be about 2 mm wide when clipping so that the edges can be folded back and pressed flat. After each piece of pattern is finished, affix it to the curtain fabric with paste, fix the patch stitch by hand or with sewing machine to the curtain fabric. If complementary flower USES close firm needle law to sew, complementary flower design can not relax when cutting, need not fold edge, the working procedure of sewing is more simple. The design and coloring of this kind of decorative curtain can be designed by oneself according to individual hobby. The curtain is narrow, pattern of complement flower can arrange a group, get good adornment result not hard, the curtain is wide, pattern of complement flower can repeat arrange a few times.