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Advantages Of Curtain Rods
Jun 11, 2018

      The curtain rod is a round sealed rod, usually with a ring or buckle, suitable for Windows that do not do ceiling curtain boxes, play a certain decorative role, the exposure is better, but the pull is not smooth. Curtain rod materials are mostly metal and wood.
    1, solid wood poles are made of pure natural wood bars, natural affinity is strong, family decoration style is suitable for pastoral, a solid wood curtain bar, with monochrome or simple lines of curtain cloth, very harmonious;
    2, aluminum alloy curtain rod, light material, plasticity and corrosion resistance is good, affordable, fashion generous, its metal texture to ensure that with a variety of curtain fabrics, is the current choice of many families(can be greatly curved, Solve the problem of curved Windows);
    3, iron pole, with good ductility and artistic expression, various shapes, this kind of curtain rod to avoid violent pull, easy to appear curtain paint fall off.

      Note: as a whole, stainless steel material is the most durable, it is recommended to ask the salesperson when selecting, or their own decoration head removed to observe the internal structure of the curtain rod, generally speaking, the thicker the wall, the better, can prevent deformation.