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Window curtain rod purchase guide.
Apr 10, 2018

Deducing the ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings of domestic outfit style, the design of power more and more be in fine detail, as main sources of natural light window, at the time of carefully selected curtain cloth, always aware of the choice of the curtain rod is also very important.  

Curtain rod also tells amorous feelings.

The material of curtain rod is main with metal and woodiness, the style also is each have different. The curtain of tie-in silk or gauze is tie-in the head of iron art pole, use in the bedroom, have the contrast of strong and soft contrast is beautiful. And wooden pole head, give a person with warm and full feeling, use range and tie-in style is not too limited, suit to the bedroom of all sorts of functions.

Choose a wood curtain rod, tie-in a monochromatic or line simple curtain cloth, it is the country style collocation that is invariable should change. Make the curtain with plaid pattern, still want tie-in wood curtain rod, a good English idyllic amorous mood shows up front. In addition, the window curtain that has broken flower is tie-in a little rough iron cast curtain rod, visual impression must be relaxed and comfortable and generous.

Contracted line, it is the main idea of modernism, also be contemporary adornment art mainstream, it is the style that young person likes. To create a modern window, the metal curtain rod is the best choice.