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What material is good for curtain rod?
Jun 04, 2018

Curtain rod material is given priority to with wood and metal, the style is different, wrought iron curtain rod rod head of art, tie-in decoration cloth, silk or cotton quality used in the bedroom, has a soft contrast between the strong contrast is beautiful: the wooden carve rod head, give a person with a warm sense of full, using range and collocation style not too restrictive, applicable to the bedroom of all sorts of function.

Natural style solid wood rods

Solid wood curtain rod, made from original wood strips, natural affinity, and rural decoration style most suitable. If home decorate a style is not rural series, that also has nothing to do, choose a solid wood curtain rod, with a single color or simple line of curtain cloth, whether to hang in the room of which kinds of style, will not appear.

However, relatively speaking, solid wood curtain rod suits southern family to use more, because southern air is damp, solid wood curtain rod won't appear deformed, craze wait for a phenomenon.

Economical and practical aluminum alloy rod

Aluminium alloy material is qualitative light, plasticity and anticorrosion are better, aluminium alloy curtain rod economy is practical, vogue is easy, it is the choice of a lot of people at present. And the metallic sense that this kind of curtain rod has still ensured the harmonious collocation with a variety of curtain material.

In addition, aluminum alloy curtain rod has a prominent advantages is that it the characteristics of soft with just can bend significantly, even if it does not matter if you are the window of your home to take the corner, with a new type of curtain rod can bend can solve a problem.

Colorful iron rod

Iron metal has good ductility and easy processing, so iron curtain rod has better artistic expression. The window curtain rods made of stainless steel or tungsten steel currently on the market also fall into this category. One of the obvious features of this kind of curtain rod is the variety of flower heads. Tie yi window curtain rod is tie-in silky or gauze qualitative curtain, use a bedroom, the effect can be very good.

Nevertheless, iron art curtain rod is used in the process, want to avoid to pull the curtain violently as far as possible, appear the phenomenon that curtain rod paint falls off possibly otherwise.

Strong and durable special steel rod

The steel curtain rod did not appear for a long time, but it quickly became popular among consumers with its strong and durable features. The steel curtain rod is a piece of wood in the steel tube tightly packed (also have hollow of course), the surface of the rod is a layer of wood grain glue, have very strong wood imitation effect, look like solid wood.

Because it is the union of steel tube and wood, the bearing capacity of this kind of curtain rod is bigger, although hang thicker curtain also won't bend out of shape.

In addition, there are PVC curtain rods. In terms of price, the price of wood is about 25-35 yuan per meter, while that of aluminum is more expensive.

Each kind of material is qualitative the curtain rod has own characteristic, say what curtain rod is qualitative good, this still wants to decorate the range with oneself and tie-in style and decide. If you like the rural wind, you can choose the natural solid wood pole; If want to match the curtain of sand quality, iron art pole will be a good choice!