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What material does curtain rod make of good curtain rod material have what?
May 25, 2018

The curtain is we must be installed when decorate bridal chamber, the use of the curtain close links with the curtain rod is the length of time, because the curtain rod is an integral part of bear the weight of curtain. The kind of curtain rod and material are very much, when everybody is bought, hard to avoid can be a little confused. Below will introduce a few kinds of material to compare good curtain rod.

Curtain rod

What material is window curtain rod good - the real wood rod of natural style

About the curtain rod material is mainly divided into four kinds of solid wood, aluminum, iron, and special steel, what kind of good, what about curtain rod then we or for specific curtain rod material to do a detailed understanding! And then the first thing we know about curtain rods is that they're made of solid wood. The characteristic of real wood pole is natural affinity, suit rural style adornment or it is traditional Chinese style bedroom commonly. What kind of good about curtain rod, general southern area USES real wood pole more, because southern air is damp, appear not easily craze and deform phenomenon.

Aluminium alloy rod

Among the numerous curtain rod materials, aluminum alloy curtain rod is the most economical and practical one. So what about the curtain rod, aluminum alloy curtain rod after all? The advantage of aluminium alloy curtain rod is material is lighter, and still have plasticity strong and anti - corrosive good characteristic. The simple sense of metal and the collocation of curtain fabric also can give everybody a kind of new vision. As to what kind of curtain rod is good, if the window of everybody's home is brought corner, small make up the window that suggests everybody chooses aluminium alloy material curtain rod.

Wrought iron pole

The next thing we need to know about curtain rod is iron rod. Because iron itself is very malleable, it can be easily processed. Therefore, the iron rod has a good artistic expression. We often see that the iron curtain rod flower head modeling is particularly diverse for this reason. General iron curtain rod matches gauze quality or the curtain effect of silky quality can be better. So what kind of good curtain rod is, still want to see specific case and decide.

Steel rod.

About the curtain rod what kind of good, the last is the special steel rod. In fact, this is often referred to as the steel wood curtain rod. Although it did not appear for a long time, the special steel rod, with its strong and durable characteristics, was quickly accepted and favored by consumers. This special steel bar has a wood - like effect visually. About what kind of curtain rod is good, the advantage of special steel rod is bearing capacity is better, and do not deform easily.

What material is window curtain rod good - the point that window curtain rod chooses and buys

Curtain rod of different materials have different characteristics, but whatever the curtain rod adornment sex is very good, the choose and buy when the curtain rod in addition to pay attention to the curtain rod material, but also to the choose and buy, the style of the curtain rod to achieve consistent with indoor decorate a style.