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The curtain rod is good or smooth.
Apr 17, 2018

When the new house is decorated, we are to choose curtain rod to install curtain, or curtain chute will appear very hesitant. However, both of these materials have advantages and disadvantages, and the important decision criterion is the size of the window. If it is a small length of curtain, it is better to use curtain slip, because this kind of usually need only use hand to pull easily. But large Windows or window use curtain rod will be better, because it can visually presented the atmosphere and beautiful impression, and because the production of large and heavy curtain cloth, majority is to use the rope operation, with a curtain rod can be rest assured.

Matters needing attention in selecting curtain slides:

1. Light: when the window switch, pay attention to the tone of the pull sound, which can preliminarily judge the quality of the window rail. Usually the quality of the steel window rail pulls only about 43 decibels of sound, as if the sound of a split air conditioning work. In contrast, poor-quality products pull in a lot of noise and have a very short lifespan.

2. Slide: the smoothness of the window track when pulling the curtain, and the load-bearing force of the slide rail are very important criteria. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the pulley with good quality plastic window rail is 48kg, so it is still very smooth for each pull when the weight is greater than 5kg.

3, ping: look to the naked eye will feel beautiful, relatively flat surface, the specification error within 0.15 mm, even if heated to 150 ℃ and mark lines will not appear bubbles, there will be no more aging phenomenon.

4, security: according to the survey, the product of the degree of impact, tensile strength and oxygen index, elongation at break, heat resistance is an important evaluation indicators, only up to standard, can be a good quality model steel window rail.