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Perfect match between curtains and curtain rods
Oct 10, 2017

Perfect collocation tip1: Metal curtain rod + simple curtain cloth = fashionable modern wind

Now most people's home mainly to simple style, it is advisable to choose the color of popular modelling simple curtain rod. Modern style simple lines, is the mainstream of today's decorative arts, but also young people's favorite style. Curtain Accessories Want to create a modern style of the window, the choice of metal material curtain rod is the best method, silver metal curtain rod with delicate texture, elegant color transition color cloth, showing the rational modern style.

Perfect collocation tip2: wooden curtain rod + floral curtain = Rural country Wind

Choose a strong wood-textured curtain rod, with a monochrome or simple line of curtains cloth, is the same as the country-style change should be the same method, full of exotic Scottish plaid design curtains with wood material to create a British-style pastoral style.