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How to install curtain rod?
Jun 01, 2018

Curtain rod, mainly made of metal and wood. Material is qualitative different, the style is different, wrought iron curtain rod rod head of art, tie-in decoration cloth, silk or cotton quality used in the bedroom, has a soft contrast between the strong contrast is beautiful: the wooden carve rod head, give a person with a warm sense of fullness. Use range and tie-in style not too restricted, apply to the bedroom of all sorts of function. Today we teach you how to install it!


Items required for installation

Hammer drill and supporting Φ 6 mm drill bit, steel tape, pencil, cross-shaped screwdriver,

Φ 6 mm plastic expansion tubes, Φ 4 mm from the tapping;

Check the fitting of Roman poles and their decorative heads, supports and rings.

Measure the length of the Roman pole and the width of the window

Installation steps (take open support as an example) :


1. Prepare

2. The marking

With the pedestal installed as the standard line,

Draw the support positioning line and hole position line.

The middle support is located in the center of a window or wall.

The two ends are equidistant.

The supports at both ends leave the wall about 15-20cm

Or leave the end of the Roman pole 5-10cm.

3. The punch

Drilling depth: 3.5-5cm,

Do not run when drilling hole, askew, attention: away from wire, water pipe.

After drilling, press the plastic expansion pipe into the hole.

4. Install the rod

Fastening support with self-tapping wire;

The lifting ring is put into the rod, and the lifting ring is divided into two parts, with one hanging ring at each end.

Press the Roman pole into the open support,

Adjust so that both ends of the decorative head leave the wall at the same distance.

5. Hang curtain

Hang the other end of the hook into the hole of the hanger ring.

Open and close the curtains left and right.

Check whether the sliding is flexible and whether the two curtains are equally high.

Otherwise, fine tuning.


Install the main point

Level 1.

House prices are getting higher and the quality is getting worse, especially for some economically affordable housing and redevelopment. I have seen a roof with a slope of 10cm, a floor with a floor tile uneven by 5cm and a wall in a trapezoid shape.

It is advisable to use a level gauge or horizontal pipe when installing.

The roof has a high effect

Because what want to show is the aesthetic feeling that reveals window curtain rod,

The roof of the bedroom and window had better have certain height,

To avoid the compression of the visual sense.

When installed on the wall (wall Ann for short), the Roman pole leaves the roof or ceiling about 6-12cm, avoiding the feeling of oppression and suffocation.

When it is installed on the roof or ceiling (roof security), the Roman rod leaves the wall about 6-10cm, preventing the curtain from rubbing against the wall and contaminating the curtain cloth when the curtain is opened and closed.


3. Leave room

Leave no less than 6cm around the window frame,

So that the curtain rods have room to pop out,

Curtains also cover Windows completely.

When the curtain covers the entire wall,

Length of Roman pole (excluding decorative head at both ends)

About 18 to 22cm shorter than the indoor net width,

After installation, there is a gap between the decorative head of the Roman pole and the wall, which is about 2-6cm.

It's called a "place to stay."