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How to choose curtain rails?
Apr 23, 2018

Nowadays buy curtain rails, the channel that decorates a pole basically has two kinds: choose to match when buying curtain in curtain shop, or buy in home building material supermarket. The two channels are actually sales as the main goal, for the product characteristics, how to choose the insufficiency, were introduced from the aspects such as actually as hardware products, we should know more about product features and quality orbit, to make the right choice, in order to avoid future don't feel right, also changes.

Curtain rails and ornamental poles can be collectively called curtain rails. Slippery course can be called dark to install orbit, the adornment pole is bright to install track, understand the characteristic of the product first, actually how to choose is more clear.

Dark track, slide track.

The characteristics of the dark loading track are flexible installation and small footprint. Slippery course can choose wall or ceiling installation, thus not only can be installed in the window, used to hang the curtains, and can be installed on the ceiling in the middle of the room, use curtain, shade or bead curtain as room partition or adornment effect. For all the large Windows, you can't install decorative poles, but you can install rails in the ceiling. The room that still has a curtain box or curtain curtain, that also suits installation orbit only. At the same time the track also has optional bending orbit, very easy to use for irregular balcony space and floating window.

Light rail, decorative pole, Roman pole.

As the name suggests, ornamental pole is the characteristic that adornment sex is stronger. At present most families want space, position to satisfy the condition, basically still like to choose adornment lever. On the choice of adornment pole that should consider how to achieve the better adornment effect. The proposal chooses concise, the color can match 100, easy to cooperate the curtain of different style. This change any style of curtain, even when changing furniture, still can match coordination. Don't choose too loud; it may soon become obsolete. Should choose according to room, and the size of the space at the same time, don't blindly pursuing big, thick, the coarser, adornment sex is very strong in Rome pole is just suitable for villa, hotel, etc., average household is not appropriate.

In addition to the slide rail and the decorative rod, there is also a telescopic rod.

The telescopic rod is easy to use and requires no holes and special installation. It is very suitable for small Windows, for hanging door curtains, half curtains, shower curtains, and many other places where you need to hang small curtains. When purchasing, you should measure the window size of the telescopic rod, determine the telescopic range of the telescopic rod, and need the bearing capacity. General telescopic rod has 3 main length adjustment range: 45~70 centimeters, 70~120 centimeters, 120~200 centimeters. In addition to the selection of product characteristics, the product quality also needs to be selected. The quality of the rail products is very different, and the general consumers do not know how to identify and choose.