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How to install top curtain rod?
Apr 29, 2018

Usually, when conditions permit, we all like to install Windows in our rooms and open a window. This is not only to adjust the light in the room, but also to make the room brighter, as well as for the beauty of the window and the air. Of course, the top curtain rod is also indispensable, can decorate a room, at the same time also can freely adjust the light of direct sunlight.

Curtain rod, material with metal and wood - based. Material is qualitative different, the style is different, wrought iron bar, head of the art of top curtain rod, tie-in decoration cloth, silk or cotton quality used in the bedroom, has a soft contrast between the strong contrast is beautiful: the wooden carve rod head, give a person with a warm sense of fullness. Use range and tie-in style is not too limited, apply to the bedroom of all sorts of functions. Because top is installed curtain rod conforms to modern society "light decorate, heavy adornment" fashionable trend, be welcomed and accept by more and more families.

Roof curtain rod - installation method for top curtain rod.

1. Installation of top seat. After the position of the top curtain rod is determined, take the electric drill hole, and then hold the expansion screw to hold the four top seats first (if the bar grows to the normal size, this length will be adjusted accordingly).

2. Install the corner. Corner can be installed on the top of the roof or balcony metope, corner activities from the top 50-70 cm, must be in the middle of the activities of the roof form a triangle (45 degree Angle), wave his hand and the location of the installation to maintain the same vertical line.

3. Wire connection. A top curtain rod with two wire inside, take out a piece of first, first of all to the end of the steel wire through the Angle of bearing steel wire slot, and then through the activities of the end cap wheel bearing steel wire slot, and then through the fixed end of the top bearing steel wire slot makes wire perpendicular to the ground, and then fit the lid from the steel wire, stuck the top cover. The other end of the wire is the same. The other wire installation method is the same as the first one.

4. Curtain rod connection. At the end of each wire, wear a ball and tie in the ball; Then pull the ball up to the top seat, then pull the wire from the corner, just as a double strand of steel wire, stuck to the side of the hand; Loosen the steel wire in the hand shaker, drop the ball, pass the top of the curtain rod through the ball, then tighten and fix the hole position in the ball, screw the screw; At the end of the top of the curtain rods on both ends of the plug.