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Curtain rod and curtain box which good?
Apr 14, 2018

Curtains in each of us are indispensable in the family, it make the big contribution to our lives, is an indispensable part of our life, in the market, the installation of the curtain can be divided into two kinds of curtain rod and curtain box of window.

In the home decoration, when choosing custom window cloth box and window cloth pole, many consumers are not very clear. Actually these two kinds of goods are good, so curtain box and curtain rod which good?

1. Window cloth box is a kind of hanging method of window cloth. Generally, it is presented as a whole with the ceiling or window frame set, so as to improve the decoration effect with harmonious planning. According to the different processing method, the window cloth box has two kinds of ways: if the room has condole top, the device of window cloth is concealed inside smallpox, with top condole top end together; If the room does not make condole top, the window cloth box and window frame set plan to be a whole, fixed on the wall above the window.

2, cloth rod is connected window cloth and the another way of metope, window rail there is metal and wood raw materials, the suspension window cloth together, shaft, rod head personality harmony, texture and window cloth can show the beauty of the different state. The window cloth rod has bright rod, dark rod cent, after the device is good, can see rod body colour and decorate head is bright pole; The other kind is the window cloth rod and the window cloth box combination, the window cloth pole hides in the window cloth box, does not reveal the window cloth rod itself.

The window cloth box can be fixed directly on both sides metope and top surface, non-penetrating window cloth should use metal bracket, also can be fixed directly on metope and top surface. At fixed time, at fixed point perforation, put plastic expansion pin, with screw fixation. The device should be wired first. After the installation of the window cloth box, the finishing construction of the decorative surface is also carried out. The window cloth box after the installation should be maintained to prevent the pollution from being damaged.

View the matching of Roman pole and its support, decoration head and rings, and measure the length of Roman pole and width of window. The window cloth is fastened, and the other end of the hook is inserted into the hole in the hanging ring; At the push of the window cloth, see whether the slide is flexible, two window cloth is not equal height. Otherwise, fine tuning.