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Curtain Bracket Installation Precautions
Oct 10, 2017

1. Look at the situation and take different ways of connecting. If the walls are planks, as long as the installation of the screw to eat directly in the board to determine the position can be, if the wall is cement, need to use the drill to determine the position of the hole, and then the special nylon expansion tube to knock in, and then plug the screws into the special nylon expansion tube can be tightened.

2. Installation ensures firm. Don't install it, it's not long before it falls. This is not good, so, the installation of the attention of the selection and pole matching bracket, if the bracket is too small, perhaps the stent is easily damaged, on the other hand, too small bracket and wall contact surface will be smaller, the number of installed nuts or the size of the nut will be limited, This makes it easy to install the curtain bracket is not stable.

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