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Curtain Bar Classification Introduction
Oct 10, 2017

Natural style of solid wood rod: the characteristics of solid wood rod is natural affinity, generally more suitable for pastoral style decoration or Traditional Chinese style bedroom, generally used in the south of the wood poles more, because the South air humid, not easy to crack and deformation phenomenon.

Economic and practical aluminum alloy rod: In many curtain rod material, aluminum alloy curtain rod is the most economical and practical one, its material is lighter, plasticity is strong, corrosion resistance is good.

Colorful iron rod: iron rod very good artistic expression, the ductility of the iron itself is very good, processing convenient, flower head modeling particularly much, the general Iron Curtain rod with yarn quality or silk curtain effect will be better.

Rugged Special steel Pole: The special steel pole is actually we often talk about the steel wood curtain pole, this kind of special steel pole from the visual view has the imitation wood effect, its load-bearing ability is better, moreover is not easy to deform, in recent years began to accept for the populace.